Welcome to Karven!

You come from the land of Karven, a desert region with very few forests in reach. At the core of Karven is a massive city, called Hoyence. This city is the ruling force of Karven, controlling trade, law enforcement, and a great military to support them. The military employs many Warweavers (Wizards and/or Clerics) which act as agents and high class Officers. The region is ruled by the Triumvirate, a trio of Wizard/Clerics of military genius and highest known magic possible. In the times of old only Humans, Aasimars, and Halflings lived in the city, before the Triumvirate rose to power. Before them, a greedy king ruled, wanting to destroy and enslave the new races as they came into view. He was overthrown, by the Triumvirate, each coming from the three major races, the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. Only within the last few hundred years did the Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes move in from the surrounding regions, Eventually being integrated into the rule of Karven and the Triumvirate.

To the North and East there is a vast ocean. For hundreds of years, nothing ever came from the oceans, other then the ships the military sent out. Up until recently, that is. This was the coming of the Elves, a race unknown to the people of Karven. They came upon their giant ships, with amazing creatures and goods. They are a Noble and Wise race, making them perfect for ranks in the military, also because of their ‘Way of the Warrior’ mindset. They have opened up trade opportunities and have been a part of the Karven life well, being more then helpful.

To the South is a mountainous region, where most of the forests are. This is where the Dwarves and Gnomes once descended down from, astride their massive mammoth steeds. They are masters of agriculture, helping to refurbish the desert and extract which goods can be gotten from it. The Dwarves are a Loyal and Honor-bound race making them great warriors and workers, while the gnomes are Well-Versed and Intelligent, making them aristocratic and inventive.

And to the West stands a great lush Jungle. The fruitful trees are always visible, but something, a powerful magic barrier prevents anyone from entering it. Even from the edge of the ocean, or the mountains, entrance is impossible. Even the great magical powers of the Triumvirate can not penetrate it. About two months ago something came from beyond the barrier. Large bestial greenskin humanoids, astride their bird-like steeds, spewed forth from the jungle, marching right towards the city of Hoyence. Luckily the forward scouts, posted at the barriers edge, were able to get word to the city in time for them to mount a great defense. The onslaught of the enemy is always there, an attack every few weeks, but still unable to penetrate the walls of the city.

Garvany, Newfound Land

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