Solitary Half-Elf Wild Sorcerer with abilities that can be more wild then sorcerer. Jandalel's greatest asset is probably his companion Uncia, a large jungle cat he rescued from starvation during the past winter.



Jandalel could feel the warmth of the sun on his face, a face that was until recently more accustomed to the icy touch of an unnaturally cold winter. As he looks down he notices the plants that were starting to grow, how in their own quest for life they would push through the soil and stretch toward the warming glow of the sun. And grow they would for there was water aplenty for them to drink. Along with the unnaturally cold of the last winter the snow fall was also exceptionally deep and now all that snow has melted with the ensuing runoff swelling and overflowing the banks of all the woodland streams. This was sure to be a year full of promising yields and full pocketbooks for the villagers who choose to plant their crops near the edge of the forest. Jandalel also new that a good harvest would mean plenty of food for the villagers and it would be less likely that they would venture deep enough into the forest to disturb him. It’s not that he was afraid of the villagers but that Jandalel prefered to be alone. As he travels along the bank of the river Anduun, one of the minor streams in the woodland, he begins to realize that his life will no longer be the same. His adventures of the last winter and his small part in the defeat of the Frost Liche has brought his existence to the attention of the nobles and also their interest in the strange magic that he struggles to control. The letter he just received requesting his presence at the capital is proof alone that he can no longer enjoy his anonymity. If Jandalel decides to accept the invitation he must leave soon, on foot it would take him two days to reach the capital city of Hoyence. Accompanying the letter was a vial which was filled with a potion that would instantaneously transport Jandalel directly to the Citadel of the Triumvirate. Jandalel’s experience with magic has taught him that when he is involved the results are sometimes less than ideal and not what was expected. With no way of knowing for sure what would happen if he should drink the potion Jandalel decided to walk to the capital. Jandalel was not looking forward to leaving his home of so many years especially to go to a city where there would be so many other people. You see Jandalel left his own city because he was afraid of what would happen to those around him when his magic went astray. At least that’s what he told his mother, he did not want her to know that the ridicule he received because of his human half had become dangerous. The noble elves of his own city were not very noble and they seemed to enjoy making his life miserable. Jandalel figured that it was only a matter of time until the harassment got to his mother and that he would not allow to happen. So Jandalel made up a story about going to a town many leagues away to study with a sorcerer who would teach him how to control his magic. He found a quiet place here in the woodlands with everything he needed to survive and has lived here by himself ever since. Lost in thought Jandalel fails to notice the creature following him through the branches of the trees along his path. He even failed to notice when a small bird, disturbed by the movement of the feline, took to the air from a branch just behind his left shoulder. This lack of concentration was not normal for Jandalel, you see Jandalel has spent many years in these same woods and knew the dangers that lurked within just waiting for the unsuspecting and careless travelers. Soon Jandalel would pay for this lapse. As his prey was about to approach a clearing the creature realizes that the time to attack is now so he coils his muscles and prepars to strike. Watching, waiting for the perfect time, now there it is and he pounces. Bipeds are easy to take down all he had to do was to wait for his prey to lift one leg to become unstable. So as Jandalel lifted his left leg the creature jumped at Jandalel’s left shoulder easily knocking him off balance and spinning him to his back as he fell. In a flash of brown movement that was too fast to follow the creature now stood upon Jandalel’s chest with its fangs ready to tear out Jandalel’s throat. Jandalel reaches up as if to hold back the approaching fangs but instead scratches the creature behind the ear. “I give up you win.” Says Jandalel. And instead of striking, the cat nuzzles up to Jandalel and begins to purr. “Uncia you are simply getting to big for this, these little games of yours are beginning to hurt.” Jandalel says as he rises to a sitting position and starts to rub the soreness from his body. As he rises to his feet Jandalel looks at Uncia “Come now we have much traveling to do and if we are to check in on your brothers before this day is done we must leave now.” Once again Jandalel has found himself in the middle of something much larger than his own little world. He was very content with his life when all he had to worry about was the day by day needs of Uncia and himself.


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