Gods, Planes, and Outsiders

The Gods are very real, they exist together as a pantheon. There are the Evil Gods and Good Gods, who each have armies behind them, called the Primordials. Primordials can be Evil or Good, the Good ones are known as the Celestials, while Evil ones are known as Fiends.

The Gods reside in the Planes, which are other worlds of existence. They are divided into two groups, the Heavens and the Hells. Each God has their own Plane with their armies. The God on each Plane has a great citadel, and only his most devoted followers are permitted to enter them.

All beings that are from the Planes are known as Outsiders, but none dares call a God or Primordial an Outsider, for they consider the term derogatory. There are other creatures that are in the Planes, but they are denizens of each of those worlds, and not part of the Gods armies, but just other inhabitants. These are openly recognized as Outsiders, and are called such.

The Elementals reside in their own Planes, the ones of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. They have no gods that rule them, just the mass horde of elemental that exist there. Not many aside form the great Magi of the military know much about them, but most believe entrance to them without the proper guidance would be impossible.

Gods, Planes, and Outsiders

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