There are many other threats to Hoyence other then the Orcs. Before the rule of the Triumvirate there was a King that ruled the city, named Ulteck. He was a greedy, ruthless, and horrible ruler. He wanted to either destroy or enslave the other races, making Humans the dominate race. Not many enjoyed this idea, but the few that did, fled the city when he was overthrown. These people are still wandering the region, attempting to disrupt trade routes to and from the city. They have become a warlike group of nomads, taking guerrilla tactics as their style.

There also exists many monsters in the region. The ones you know of most commonly would be Trolls, Bullettes, Giants, Griffons, Harpies, Manticores, Minotaurs, Ogres, and the fearsome Dragons. These creatures are by no means the only creatures that exist, just the ones that are most common. These are also in addition to the basic animals that are alive in the wilderness. Each of these species have each of their very own unique way to life, I could not possibly explain them all here for you, because it is highly possible that you may not even encounter all of them, but in reality very few of them.

The Orcs have been holding constant raids and sieges against the walls of Hoyence. They make heavy use of their Avian war steeds and beasts. These creatures vary in size and shape, but are all within the same Avian parameters. They have also seemed to have formed a minor alliance with some local races and creatures, but it is unknown if these are just isolated incidents or actual alliances. They seem to be organized for the most part, but there has only been two known sightings of what The Triumvirate believe to be their leader. He is a hulking Orc, standing around two feet taller then any other Orc. Both times he was seen with a female, clearly not Orc. She resembles a raven-haired elven woman, and both witnesses have claimed her to be more beautiful then beauty itself. Nobody knows what her role is in all of this.

The most important thing about knowing about these monsters is to assume they are not what you, as a player, expect them to be. Remember that player knowledge is NOT character knowledge.


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